Frequently Asked Questions


When will the game be released?
The official game is displayed in the Game Section. Click here to see when we start.
Does the cost depend on when I mint?
Yes. The earlier you mint, the lower the price. Deeds start out as free mint but the price increases for every 1,000 deeds minted.
What is the total supply?
A world in Deeds of the World has a supply of 1,717 territories. However, the total number will decrease continuously as the original territories are burned and assembled into deeds, which in turn can be assembled in continents and, ultimately, one world deed.

The players decide how many worlds there will be, as it depends on how many territories are minted. The curve will probably be downwards as the price increases.


How many points do a territory provide?
The world is split up in 1,717 territories with different point values (values vary from 1 to 10). But never underestimate low-points territories as they may be important collectibles for other players. In this world, everything has value.

When you assemble all territories in one country, the territories will burn and become one deed. This makes the game deflationary. A deed might give you fewer points but in return, you’ll begin to earn daily tokens equivalent to the point value of the deed and gain access to the art collection. Get an overview here

What happens to territories when I assemble them into a deed?
When you assemble all territories in one country, the territories will burn and become one deed. This makes the game deflationary. Same happens when you assemble all countries into a continent or all continents into the world deed.
Why do I pay tax to the world leaders?
Like in the real world, your earnings in Deeds of the World are taxable. The tax amounts to 10 % of your income and is divided between the world leaders. However, this also means that it really pays off to mint your way to the top and get your share of the tax money.


What if two players have the same number of points on the leader board?
In this case, the largest area size is the tiebreaker.


How do I get hold of the artworks?
You can only get hold of the artworks if you acquire the specific deed or if anybody decide to sell it on secondary markets.

The supply of artworks depends on how many of that particular deed are assembled. The more difficult a deed is to assemble, the more likely it's rare.

The artworks are limited and will always only consist of 237 countries, 6 continents and of course the crowning glory of the rare World Deed.

How are the pricing model for artwork?
We price artwork individually based on the difficulty to assemble the country, popularity and what role we think it will play on the lopng term. We call this the base price.

The base price is only valid for the first who claims. Afterwards the price will increase with a multifactor of 2x for each claim. This makes it beneficial to being early and keeping the supply limited.

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