How to Play

Play your way to
power and profit

This strategy game challenges you to play tactically in order to gain the greatest outcome. Maybe you will end up with the best strategy and play your way to world domination, a daily passive income and a collection of unique artworks.

How to play in 4 steps

1. Territories

Territories are your path to points and collecting entire countries

Our world is split up in 1,717 territories with different point values according to IRL size (point values vary from 1 to 10).

Points put you on the leaderboard, but assembling territories in deeds (i.e., countries, continents or, ultimately, the entire world) is when the magic begin.

2. Deeds

Assemble territories to deeds and start collecting rewards

When you assemble all territories in a country, the territories will burn and become one deed - making the game deflationary.

A deed might give you fewer points but in return, you’ll begin to earn daily tokens equivalent to the point value of the deed and at least as important; your deeds gain access to an unique art collection.

It's your choice if you want to cash out or invest your tokens in the art.

3. Leaders

Become a world leader and maximize your profit

The 7 players with the most points on each of the 6 continents and in the entire world will appear on the leader board.

With power comes wealth, and as one of the 7 world leaders you’ll get a share of the daily earnings of tokens. All deed owners pay 10% tax on their daily earnings, allocated as shown in the diagram.

4. Start

Let the game begin

Mint are live! But the actually game starts 15th of April on World Art Day (how convenient). This day art will be claimable and tokens start generating:

This gives you time to conquer your favorite territories before the game gets going for real...

Play your way to art!

Join the game, while NFTs are still payable.

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